What is Digital Shirt Printing?

Direct print on clothing is also referred to as DTG or digital printing and is a very popular way to print clothing. It is a great choice for small amounts of shirts, hoodies and other clothing products. If you want to print the t-shirt photos, direct printing on the clothes could be your best choice for your design or logo! The reason it is called direct contact with printing clothes is that the design is applied directly to the clothes from the machine instead of to other things like transportation, then applied to the shirt. Screen printing is also a way to print directly onto clothes, but most of them know when to say you mean digital prints. Digital shirt printing will keep all the small details and colors in your photo and can use as many colors as you want in the design! Direct to garment printing uses water-based ink on shirts weighing at least 80%, which gives a very smooth print that you are sure you love!


Direct to Garment Process